The Journey to Digital TV - Digital TV Switchover
21 June 2016

The Journey to Digital TV

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The Journey to Digital TV

The switchover from analogue to digital TV affects everyone in a country including the consumer, broadcasters and government bodies. Everyone plays a part and everyone has something to gain. In an effort to help make the journey as smooth as possible, we asked our experts – many of whom have been involved in many digital switchover projects – to outline the things that each group must consider before, during and after the switchover in order to transition smoothly to digital.

Government bodies and regulators

  • The government has a significant role to play in the digital switchover journey. They set the agenda and drive the national strategy.
  • Local government must help to shape the overall digital TV switchover policy alongside broadcasting associations; having their help with the policy means buy in from day one from regulators. They will often bring in other experts to assist with switchover planning and implementation.
  • With proper planning in the beginning, governments have the ability to positively influence the outcome of the digital TV switchover for their entire region – but they can’t do it alone.
  • Cooperation, with so many players in the game, it’s imperative for governments to assume a leadership role, and then facilitate cooperation and information sharing between all parties working toward this common goal.

Broadcasters and Advertisers

  • Broadcasters arguably have the most to gain from having their entire viewing audience go from analogue to a digital TV platform.
  • Benefits to broadcasters include wider coverage, better infrastructure, increased revenue, added value and measured performance.
  • Broadcasters and advertisers should collaborate, creating plans on how to compete in this new, all-digital environment whilst maintaining superior quality of content and service as a top priority before, during and after the switchover process.
  • Create awareness: In order to make the switchover as seamless and uneventful as possible for consumers, it’s important to begin creating awareness early on and not to let up during any stage of the journey. This way, consumers know what to expect and where to turn for help.


  • TV is exciting for consumers, however this group are most likely have the hardest time understanding the ins and outs when switching over from analogue to digital TV.
  • Clear and consistent communication is the baseline of any switchover programme – making sure no one misses out on the message.
  • For consumers, utilising new technology such as receivers and set-top boxes will be a challenge for some demographic groups, along with the need to re-tune once for long-term viewing.
  • Self-service: Consumers should not only become aware of who to contact for help, but also, how to help themselves so that there’s no interruption of their service.
  • Think of all the options a consumer will have once the switchover is complete  – the new choice of channels and content along with improved quality of TV signal, as well as the option to access paid content whenever they want it on one or several devices.

Each party must know their role and what will be expected of them before, during and after a digital TV switchover process happens. Luckily, our experts have made it incredibly easy to succeed, thanks to more than a dozen cheat sheets, outlining key advantages, obstacles, hints, tips and things to think about in order to switchover successfully.

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